--- Tri-Star Taxis --- 36 - 99 - 11 ---


Contact: Shane Jacobs or Ray Lloyd

Phone: 01752 36-99-11

Email: tri-star-taxis@hotmail.co.uk

A local Taxi Service operating from the St.Budeaux area of Plymouth, Devon (SW).

The company started up on the 24 September 2009.
We are 2 friends running a Hackney Carriage based organisation and we are working together to accommodate the local people of Plymouth.

We are a small company which prides itself on its good reputation. We aren't the usual hackney carriage office. Our customers get a friendly polite service, some discount and we don't ask our customers to pay any unnecessary extras.

Our service also offers vehicles with seating up to 8 passengers, all vehicles are parent + buggy friendly and are also wheelchair accessible.
Pets are very welcome.

We can be booked for nearly any occasion Airport Transfer, School Contract, Meal Run, Delivery Service etc.

Our company is managed by us the Director's.

Mr Shane Jacobs
Mr Ray Lloyd

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